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Imagine at your next dinner party serving the Haloumi you have just made with your friends and family? It's one thing to make your own cheese at home but to be able to share it immediately with friends and family is an experience you won't forget! Experiment with adding different flavours like Chilli and Oregano, Mint, or go totally out of the box and experiment with nuts and seeds to super boost your Haloumi creation.


Our Haloumi Cheesemaking Kit is a simple kit that gives you the essentials to easily make Haloumi at home. You'll receive Cultured Cheese School's tried and tested recipe, the enzyme and cheese cloth. What you'll need is a large stock pot, fresh milk, thermometer, slotted spoon, a baking tray and cooling rack and chopping board. 


Get your friends together or enjoy the process on your own. You'll receive enough Enzyme for 12 litres of milk which will give you approximately 3kg of Haloumi. The recipe is in batches of 4 Litres of milk, and all storage options are in the recipe so you won't waste any Haloumi.


Haloumi Home Cheesemaking Kit

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